- Pre-Owned Sales

At MotorWerks my small inventory is carefully selected from private party purchases, Lease returns, trade ins and other reputable sources.  I specialize in Germany's finest brands.

I will also find late model, pre-owned cars of any make or model that meet your specifications.  My background as an ASE Certified Automobile Technician and sales experience ensures that the vehicle you buy from us has been inspected and selected for its superior aesthetic and mechanical condition.  

MotorWerks' exacting selection process means we only offer quality vehicles.  Be assured that you will receive an honest assessment of the known history and present condition of any vehicle you purchase.

- "The Werks" Auction Buying"

                                                               BUY YOUR NEXT CAR JUST LIKE AN INSIDER

This works for cash buyers and clients who already have a loan approval and are seeking the right vehicle.  Here’s a synopsis of how it works:

1. Tell us the make(s)/model(s) that interest you.

2. We provide a list of available vehicles that meet your criteria.  These vehicles are offered to dealers only at   weekly closed auctions.

3. We preview the vehicles together so you are able to touch them and look at them the day prior to the sale day.  We research the vehicles' history so you know the complete story.

4. On the sale day I attend the auction as your agent or you can purchase it on-line from our office or yours.  I deliver the vehicle to you, serviced and detailed if you like, upon acceptance of your payment.

5. Just like a new car transaction, I will handle all the DMV paperwork for you.  Everything will come to you in the mail.


This is THE BEST way to purchase a quality pre-owned vehicle in today’s market. You will know the price was right because you set the limit.  Everything will be clear and presented to you upfront.  All the disclosures regarding the vehicle’s history will be handled by us prior to the sale day.  You’ll receive professional consultancy with respect to your choice of vehicle based on your specific circumstances.

For this unique way of buying a vehicle, we charge a flat fee: the lesser of $1,000 per car or 5% of the vehicle’s value.  With this fee on deposit, you may participate in as many auctions as necessary until we find the right vehicle for you.  There’s no rush.  We want you to find the perfect car at the right price.  This method of buying nearly always results in a price that is better than private party or dealer sales because you are buying wholesale.

- New Car Brokering

MotorWerks is also a licensed auto broker for new and used cars.  We can act as your agent in the purchase of a new vehicle from any dealer.  Let us handle the search, negotiation, and delivery process for your next new car purchase.  We add value to the buying equation by saving you time, money, and the bother of having to endure the haggling process with overzealous sales people.   Our boutique service will make your new car buying experience effortless, enjoyable, and leave you feeling like a V.I.P.

- Consignment or Trade-In

At MotorWerks we apply the same boutique customer service ethic to selling your vehicle or accepting your trade-in.  If you are consigning a car with us, we will pick up your car, have it professionally detailed and/or reconditioned, advertise it, and show it to prospective buyers until it's sold.  We do all the legwork.  By allowing MotorWerks to consign your vehicle, you will not have to contend with suspect or flaky buyers, no-shows for appointments, or worry about your personal safety.  Call MotorWerks and allow us to make your next automotive sale as easy as a phone call.

Our goal is to develop strong and honest relationships with all of our customers. Our approach to our consignment program is no different.  By allowing us to sell your car for you, we hope to make money for you and us. When you bring your vehicle in to us to consign, we will collect a $299 consignment fee. This fee goes to a full detailing of your vehicle to prepare it for sale, keeping the vehicle clean and supplied with fuel throughout its time with us, and listing it on our website as well as other used automotive websites. We will perform an inspection of your vehicle, and advise you as to any necessary repairs we feel would help ease the sale of your vehicle.  The choice to perform the repairs is yours.

To help us successfully sell your vehicle we will need the information on your vehicle as well as any and all records you have, permission from you to seek any records we need from those who serviced your vehicle in the past, and all keys/accessories to your vehicle that will be included in the sale. We will also need your complete, current contact information.

We will work with you to determine a reasonable price to begin marketing your vehicle. We will check in with you bi-monthly throughout the time that your vehicle is in our care to let you know about any leads we have.  As we get a better feel for the local market for your car, we may recommend lowering the asking price in order to increase the sale possibilities; however we won't do this without your approval. If we are working with a potential buyer and we feel that they have made an offer that may be acceptable to you, but is lower than our current agreed upon price, we will do our best to contact you immediately to approve the price with you.  If you are not available, we will wait until we have discussed the situation with you before moving on with the deal.

After the sale of your vehicle, we will contact you within the week. We will arrange a time to sit down and finalize our relationship. Based on the selling price of the vehicle, we will deduct $600 or 6% (whichever is greater) and give you a check within 10 days from the date you present us with a clear valid title transferred to MotorWerks.  We will collect payment from you for any repairs or reconditioning you approved which has not been paid for yet.

We are happy to accept trade-ins.  Because of our boutique business model, we are able to exceed the trade-in value offered by traditional dealers virtually all the time.

- We will Purchase your vehicle

Are you trading in a car to a big franchise dealership?  Do you have a lease coming to an end?  Consider consigning your leased, or trade-in vehicle or selling it to MotorWerks.  We'll give you a free consultation and honest assessment of your market value vs. the dealer trade in offer or residual value.  Instead of trading in for a ridiculously low price or returning your leased car to the dealer and leaving with nothing, it is often possible to pay off the residual and walk away from the lease with several hundred or several thousand dollars back in your pocket.  Don't give the equity in your leased vehicle back to the dealer.  Put that money in your pocket with MotorWerks purchasing service.

- Unique Vehicle Location Service

Are you looking for an rare, unusual, or hard to find vehicle?  From American Muscle to European Exotics, we will scour standard and niche internet sites and utilize our network of enthusiasts, importers, and specialized dealers and auction houses to locate the vehicle you desire.  Allow MotorWerks to act as your agent in locating,  inspecting, purchasing, transporting, repairing and reconditioning, and delivering to you the car you have been looking for in the condition you specify.  We will keep you advised every step of the way and allow you to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  MotorWerks can be the one step process to make your automotive dream a reality.


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