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18120 Bollinger Canyon Road 7B, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA

​I had a subscription to a car magazine at age 8.  While most kids had cartoon characters on their walls, I had posters of Porsche 911Turbos, and Ferraris.  By the age of 18 I had already owned five vehicles.  An East Bay​ native, I  worked full time as a BMW technician during the summers while attending Berkeley High School and UCLA .  I have participated in countless autocrosses, a handful of track days, and several high performance driving courses. 

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The business model for MotorWerks has its foundation in three simple principles:  

First: Integrity- my guiding principle.  

Second: Passion- for the cars and the process of finding my clients dream cars of their own.  

Lastly: Joy- of the automotive industry and the people it brings to my doorstep.

I also work in another field that provides a stable, steady source of income.  This allows me to continue the business with lower margins.  Thus, I am often able to undersell traditional, full time dealers that need the income from auto sales to pay the bills.  In addition, MotorWerks is low volume, so we provide a level of service in a comfortable, relaxed setting seldom seen in the field of automotive sales. 



​When I "grew up," things got worse.  Without realizing it, I made a hobby of finding, buying, and selling BMWs, M-cars in particular.   My wife and family jokingly call it my disease.  The 1988 BMW M3 (pictured to this page, and the inspiration for the color of our logo) was the culmination of a 9 year search for the 'perfect' first generation M3.  It is also the car that I sold to launch MotorWerks.  I have discovered that finding, buying, and selling cars for others gives me the same satisfaction as doing it for myself.  I bring that enthusiasm and enjoyment to every client and every transaction.


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